A productivity app for managing your day-to-day life and staying on top of everything.


Custom Groups

Create custom groups to segment the different parts of your workload. Groups can be color-coded to help you quickly distinguish tasks. add an emoji before the group name to add some charm!

Smart Filters

Deadlines can be seen three ways: date, priority, or group. Visualize your deadlines in a variety of ways to understand what is most important.

Available Everywhere

All deadlines are stored both locally on your device and in iCloud, so your deadlines will be with you wherever you choose to go. Deadlines will automatically sync across multiple devices.

Minimalistic Design

Speed up your day and focus on what matters by using keyboard shortcuts on iPad. Enter the dark with Dark Mode support. Deadlines are visually grouped by week. Filter out completed deadlines.

Subtle Design

Weekly grouping

Deadlines are visually grouped by weeks in each filter so it’s clear what you have for each upcoming week.

Color highlighting

The deadline’s group color appears in the checkmark and priority so you can quickly identify which group it’s in.

Enter The Darkness

Choose between light or dark mode and enjoy the battery-saving benefits of blackness with OLED screens.

Available now on the App Store.

Privacy Policy

Deadlines does not collect, use, or sell any user information. All tasks are saved locally to your device and your iCloud account, which is only accessible by you.

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