Developed by Emma Anderson, Alfred Arenas, and myself in conjunction with the Mercer Admissions team.

An enhanced experience for the Make It Mercer celebration for accepted students.

View your Schedule

See what’s planned for Make It Mercer for either students or parents and families all in one place. Pressing the help button will give a quick rundown of the app’s features.

Explore Mercer

Explore Mercer in person and get information on locations in the app. Locations are fully searchable and also have searchable tags. Everything can be viewed in an interactive map of campus, or a list of locations. Tap on tags in the list view to filter by that tag.

Follow Admissions

View a variety of social media pages about Mercer and admissions without needing to open a bunch of other apps.

Our team developed MercerBound with Flutter and Firestore to support both iOS and Android.

Light and Dark Mode support. Always.

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