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Overview Page

An Overview of your Experiences

See a summary of your weekly symptoms, shown in red and blue. Symptoms are designated as physical (red) or emotional (blue). A graph shows the average symptom severity for the week, and also changes based on the current filters on data. Change which symptoms are included and see how the graph changes based on your choice.

The insight list will determine your most severe, frequent, and mild symptoms for the week. Clicking on one will take you to a more detailed page dedicated to that specific symptom.

Gratitude can be a powerful expression. While it’s important to keep track of what makes you anxious, it’s equally important to focus on the positive things around you. Try to write down something you’re grateful about every day. It doesn’t have to be something large; even something like enjoying your morning coffee or seeing a loved one is a good start.

Describe your Experiences

Add data about symptoms that you’re experiencing, be it headaches, lack of sleep, stomach aches, or one of the other wide variety of symptoms. Symptoms can be marked in intervals, ranging from None, Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Very High.

Once you’ve gone through all the symptoms, you can add some notes about the day if anything relevant happened. For example, record what you think made you anxious about the day, and what you might consider doing to improve in the future.

Dig into the Details

See the data on a specific symptom by clicking on it either in the insight list or the Daily tab. You can see the graphs for the week, month, and year, as well as the number of occurrences and average severity for that time period. This can help you see if your symptom severity is increasing, deceasing, or not changing over time.

The Daily tab will sort all of a given day’s symptoms by severity. All of the most severe symptoms will appear at the top, and the less severe symptoms will be further down. You can see the notes for a given day, as well as change the selected day using the calendar button. Tapping on a symptom will show you more information about that symptom and its progress over the past week, month, and year.

Privacy is our Policy

MindFull doesn’t sell or use any of your data. All of your information stays on your device and will never be sent to others.

Securely Stored

All data is stored locally on your device and is never used for marketing purposes.

Ad-free Experience

Focus on recording your experiences and notes and not on targeted ads.

Smart Stats

Your symptoms are analyzed to show you the most severe, frequent, and mild of the week or month. No manual calculations necessary.

Developed with the Best

This app was built in conjunction with a licensed therapist who has hands-on experience with anxiety.

Start learning more about your anxiety patterns.

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